“The Killer Angels” Series

The following entries are a part of a series of Gettysburg posts recounting Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels and the actual battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. They were composed in response to essay prompts in a Gettysburg class taken my Sophomore year. Each essay grew in length and research as my interest and thirst for the truth grew. From composing them, I learned more about Gettysburg than I ever thought I would. Thanks to the inspiration of this class and The Killer Angels, I am hoping to compose my first serious novel, On Equal Ground, on the Civil War Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S Grant. (yeah, some things have changed, and this novel is gonna have to wait…!)

Fateful Night (June 29, 1863)
Dawn of Battle (July 1, 1863)
Interlude (July 1, 1863)
The Heart in War and The Beginning of Sorrows (morning of July 2, 1863)
Climax at Gettysburg, Part 1 and Part 2 (afternoon of July 2, 1863)
Afterthoughts (early hours of July 3, 1863)
Departure (morning of July 3, 1863)
Contest of Wills (morning of July 3, 1863)
Gettysburg and The Da Vinci Code (noon of July 3, 1863)
Into the Jaws of Death: Pickett’s Charge (July 3, 1863)
Reflection (evening of July 3, 1863)
When the Guns Have Silenced (post Gettysburg)

Men of War (before Gettysburg)
The Wisdom of Buford
A Foreigner in Camp
Freedom is Not Just a Word (Chamberlain’s speech by Shaara)


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