Finding Nimoy in “I Am Spock”

I Am SpockI Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started reading this book because of Nimoy’s passing early this year. I wanted to know more about the man who seemed so wise, so emotional, and so caring. The guiding quote to his life I had was a statement by Zachary Quinto, “Leonard had a way of communicating that was never pedantic — he was never trying to teach, and yet he lived with such completeness that there was wisdom in everything he said.”

And that is what I found within this book. His is an elegant way of mind, the way he navigates the humor and philosophical ironies of life (such as the book-length banter with Spock on whether the two of them are one or distinct). His is an honest, approachable voice, and many times I have felt like cradling into his warm prose. He talks about his philosophy, how he honed the character Spock, how he dealt with fans, and how he helped create the stories of the Star Trek films (always fun to read behind-the-scenes goodies – the fun and the challenges). I loved hearing about his relationship with William Shatner, both feud and friendship. His passion to keeping Spock’s dignity and character as pure as he could throughout the run of the franchise speaks a lot about his character and the maturity he has. He is respectful, understanding, dispassionate and yet full of emotion and love. This book carries you through his mind, his soul, and it is effortless, and sometimes I wondered how deep I was actually getting to his heart when I realized, this calmness, this serenity, and the gentleness of his way of looking at life… that’s his heart and I was there all along.

I respect and adore this man so much. He has been a comfort, a haven, and an inspiration. He hoped that, sometimes, people would think of him when they think of Spock. Well I do. And I will continue to do so, because the man is truly as inspiring as the character is compelling.

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