Remember V-E Day

Remember V-E Day.

“Victory was achieved, as the result of the world’s other great powers pooling their resources to defeat what likely was the most ambitious threat to global civilization in human history. With American production genius, British perseverance, and the Soviet Union’s recuperative powers, the Allies beat their Axis foes in every dimension of total war—on the ground, at sea, and in the air; in the laboratory, on the factory floor, and at the strategic planning table; and most importantly, in the moral battle for the minds of millions of men and women, civilians and soldiers alike.”


1940s photo showcases World War II sailors celebrating “Victory in Europe Day” after the fall of the Third Reich.

“This photograph from Victory in Europe Day—May 8, 1945—appeared on the front page of a newspaper in Cape Town, South Africa, with the headline ‘Third Reich Ceases to Exist,’” says C. Douglas Mitchell of Springfield, Virginia.”



2 thoughts on “Remember V-E Day

  1. My father was in the middle of Germany that day and he said, “it was no different than any other day in the past year. ” It is a sad reality. One would think they could drop their guns, and everybody is friends, But our men had a lot yet to do. Or I would think?????
    Love the picture

    1. Thank you for your comment. V-E Day didn’t solve everything. There was a lot of hard work still left to do to begin the reconciliation and begin picking up the pieces. My grandfather fought in WWII. Tell you Dad I thank him for his service.

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