“How to Train Your Dragon”

This film will fill your heart with love…

The graphics will blow your mind, and the story will steal your heart — this is the essence of How to Train Your Dragon. Created by DreamWorks in 2010 with the detail of a live-action film, it places imagination into the field of reality in ways never done before. Physics of dragon and human alike are sharply and gently, quietly and stunningly realistic. The flying scenes will truly inspire you. The music, oh the music, will thrill your imagination.

Toothless depends on Hiccup and only together can they touch the sky (literally!).

The story and characterization is much more developed than most animated shows — the dragons don’t speak or sing, there is no chorus of little animal friends, life and death issues are innately involved. Characters realistically address issues like selflessness, friendship, and relationships to others. They exhibit their personalities through a tour de force of nuance and expression. The plotline at first seems too simple to contain this film — a young Viking decides to befriend, rather than kill, his dragon. Yet there is so much more, so much more. Hiccup, the protagonist, grows in two very different worlds, to face a climax of choice between the old and the new. Watch out for literary parallels in dialogue and decisions.

Listen, love, and prepare to be amazed.

Hiccup, the young Viking, is put down by his father and the community. But soon he'll learn how selfless and courageous he can be.

Here’s something I put together to celebrate my favorite show of all time:


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