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Real ChristianityReal Christianity by William Wilberforce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an important book for anyone claiming to be Christian. It strikes the heart of the issue and tells us who profess this faith to reevaluate what it means to be Christian. Namely, it is not just being a moral person. Morality has no value without the sense of God’s justice that gives it a foundation. It is not just going to church and talking the talk. Christianity is not an external faith, not a hat you can slap on every Sunday. No — “Christianity is a religion of motives and principles” (Hannah Moore, quoted in Real Christianity).

William Wilberforce is tough and specific. He states without fanfare, but with understanding, the crux of society’s problem — its denial of God and the Christian faith. It’s incredible that his idea, published in 1797, can sound so new and relevant. The modernization of language by Bob Beltz is nicely done, though I’ve not read the original to compare.

The insights in this book are too many to mention. Read it with an open, honest heart and do not put its words to waste, lest you become as Wilberforce so painfully fears — a “Christian” who doesn’t want to really believe what he professes, a “good person” whose character will crumble and die when the hard forces of life beset him.

Live you life knowing, as Wilberforce states, that “life is short – eternity is forever!”

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