Who knew Noah’s Flood was so scientific?

The critical factor about this flood theory is that it has compelling scientific evidence, not just the easy appeal to miracle that skeptics charge creationists with.

My sister is the brains of our family, and this fascinating essay she wrote retells the incredible theory Dr Walt Brown formulated to explain both earth’s most compelling geologic features and the worldwide flood explained in the book of Genesis…

When you are a Christian young-earth creationist taking geology class for the first time, it is pertinent to be prepared with good fact. Or should I say, good theory.

That is what I learned when I began debating my geology professor about the Genesis Flood and the age of the earth. Since it is an online class, talking about minority views is much easier, since you don’t have to fumble with words and feel all your classmates snickering behind you for believing “myths.” And fortunately, my professor is wondrously polite and thorough in her written responses, so it was actually enjoyable to discuss with her.

She and I went back and forth giving evidence and counter-evidence, and I truly learned a lot from her insights as a professional geologist as she helped me understand the science more. She valiantly defended the old-age geologic view against each of the points I brought up — all points, that is, except one: the hydroplate theory of the Genesis Flood and its explanation of radioactivity.

I was extremely curious as to what she, as a real-life geologist, would say about this theory, but she just wrote that she did not know enough about the theory to discuss it. Hmmm, interesting. I had described the theory in great detail to her, giving point-by-point evidence for each of its tenets. Apparently having a PhD in an earth science wasn’t enough to counter this theory — maybe she didn’t have an answer…

Read the rest of the story at … http://witnessinggod.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/the-hydroplate-theory-the-science-behind-the-genesis-flood/


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