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This episode was different from the others. It was a little jarring to hear Lipton’s first-person commentary during the combat scenes. The whole show actually was narrated by Lipton. I did get used to it, though; and his point of view was nice to see. It was great to get to know his character. That’s actually what’s so fantastic about this program, as well — the way they highlight different characters each time, although we had seen those characters previously in the background.

The episode at times felt a little less serious than others, for some reason; Winters and Nixon’s humorous flashback of officer choices didn’t help, nor the scene in Dike’s viewpoint at Foy.

Guanere was sort of cute through the whole thing, even if his fate wasn’t. I think it was his voice and his new beard. But on his fate, I knew about it from the book. I was pleasantly surprised no curse words were used at the critical moment, but I’m thankful. Things were much deeper than simply getting mad. Poor guys; really, that was heart-wrenching.

It was different to see all my favorite characters get solemn — Luz, Malarkey, Compton. The episode was still a good one, and I continue to enjoy the series.

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