Not for the faint of heart

A quote on abortion that is hard to swallow, yet painfully true, by ChopShackle on deviantArt.

Imagine: having you outer layer of skin burnt off, having your arms and legs pulled off of the rest of your body then your spine is snapped and your head crushed, having your body pulled apart into pieces, suffocating because someone cut your oxygen tube, being decapitated, having someone put a scissors into your head then opens the scissors and then takes out the scissors and uses a machine to suck out your brain, or you are unable to do anything by yourself and your family having other priorities leaves you to die not just pulling a plug but leaving you to die alone. Wouldn’t it seem like the person that did any of these things to you would have to be punished for torturing/neglecting/killing you? But after doing any of these things to a defenseless baby the doctor who performs the abortion and the mother who tells him to perform it remain unpunished. In a country were it is illegal to murder and neglect children many babies have been murdered and neglected if the abortion fails.

A graphic video on the results of abortion, like that of the quote, can be seen here…


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