“Crossroads”: Part 5 of Band of Brothers

Gosh, I feel so much like a leader after this episode! That, on top of my Great Commanders class and continued exposure to duty and responsibility in my World War II studies. Thanks to Winters!

Part 5 was about the leaders of Easy Company, namely, Richard Winters. So I was pretty happy to see his story played out. His leadership skills really show — the way he directs his men, gets close to the action, and analyzes his company’s position in his quiet way. In fact, I love his quietness — his quiet happiness, quiet sense of humor, and deep, quiet fears. Not to mention his quiet way of teasing Nixon. There was so much funny banter this time around. You can’t beat it!

Plus, this episode featured the mixed-timescale directing I am growing to love in Band of Brothers — Winters writing the events in his “novel” of a report put against the events themselves.

A revelatory scene, setting the stage for the future I know of from the book

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t show Winters being much more dramatic towards Liebgott in the confrontation with the German prisoners. The book’s description looked so promising! But I guess you can’t win them all…

There were so many good scenes in this one — funny ones to sad ones.

Winters to Nixon: “Can I have a drink?”
Nixon looks at him.
“Of water.”
Nixon takes a canteen and smells its contents. “I’m pretty sure it’s water.”


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