“Day of Days”: Part 2 of “Band of Brothers”

Just brief reactions to part 2 of Band of Brothers, the episode called “Day of Days.” What I like about the series is how they always have some of the real veterans speak about some part of their experience before the show jumps to the filmed scenes. It gives the story a sense of reality, always reminding us that we are viewing history in some sense.

The first scene with the men dropping out of the C-47s literally gave me a migraine – it was, shall we say, that realistic? The bright, sharp colors, explosions in the night, the camera vibrating and swinging back and forth. Dizzying.

In combat the language intensified, as I expected, although Lt Winters never said one foul word as he led his small band to capture a number of German guns. He doesn’t drink, either, so the men call him “Quaker.” I admire his quiet, unassuming leadership.

The episode moved very quickly, which I enjoyed very much. The combat scenes were amazingly realistic, yet not gory to me. It was great to see the book’s description of the battle being portrayed quite honestly.

There were deeper moments in this episode as well – like Malarkey’s conversation with the captured German, who spoke English and said he came from Oregon. Then the quiet scene amidst the gunfight when Winters sees one of his friends dead in the trenches. And the shocking, sad moments that were quite revelatory to me on the sudden horror that war is. And then the ending, where Winters muses into the night, the sky afar alight with tracers, and he thanks God for helping him live through that day.


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