“Currahee”: Part 1 of “Band of Brothers”

So this is just my little thoughts on my recent viewing of the first episode of Band of Brothers. I must say, I am delighted to see this picture. The cinematography is truly breathtaking. The vastness they managed to achieve is awesome: from the tents at Toccoa to the shipyard in Brooklyn, to the airfield of Upottery, and the thousands of C-47s aloft in the sky. I wonder how they got so many people and so much equipment. Even the feel of the airfield was astounding. The overcast sky felt so real somehow, so vast and beautiful.

The storyline was also nicely done. I loved how past time was mingled with present time in the first jump scene, keeping the past’s lecture interesting by adding the present’s first paratrooper jump.

There wasn’t any violence this episode, as it showed the men training primarily. There were three or four f-words and a handful G-m’s (don’t know if that’s the right euphemism). Still, so much better than Flags of Our Fathers, and much more tastefully done. Most of the language was in places where it made sense to be, unlike in Flags. And the officers weren’t as foul as the enlisted men, which was a masterful touch, probably reflective of real life. In fact, the mood difference between the NCO’s and enlisted felt very real and distinct. Another nice touch.

Overall, I enjoyed it tremendously. Lt Winters is my favorite of the men, mainly from what I’d known of him from the book. The movie really can’t do much justice to their character, but it does the best it can. It surely got Captain Sobel down! You hate him for his ridiculous rules and yet there’s this frightened boy inside him, which is portrayed very delicately in the film. I really enjoyed that hint of depth in him.

A great angle from the film, showing the men practice in England.

I loved the scene with the old English gentleman.

And the touching conclusion with Eisenhower’s D-Day prayer to “beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.”

Next episode, I see E Company jump into Normandy and face their first combat situation, with me, screencapping all the way.


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