180: It will change your life, and this is not hype

After watching this incredible film, I am keyed-up like I’ve never been before. It is a masterful work, a truly God-given call to change your life and make you actually think about what you believe in. I am speechless by the fact that people actually never just THINK about what they believe about abortion, the Holocaust, sin, and salvation. Just watching people being led to simply consider these questions is breathtaking. We must make this film go viral. We have got to make people see this! I feel like I want to do something, but what, what? I’m going to promote this video to as many people as I can. We got to stop this Holocaust today and remind people that the Holocaust of yesterday did in fact happen. O Lord, change the heart of America, use this to open people’s eyes. Germany remembers Hitler, we have forgotten, and when you forget history, you repeat it. It’s happened already. Get this video out there! Show it to your friends! Please, for your own sake, watch it! Thirty minutes that will truly move you.

Please visit the website http://www.180movie.com/


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