“Judas and the Gospel of Jesus” by N.T. Wright

Judas and the Gospel of Jesus: Have We Missed the Truth about Christianity?Judas and the Gospel of Jesus: Have We Missed the Truth about Christianity? by N.T. Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Incredible! This is the first book I’ve read inside two hours. Which goes to show for its size. It’s a small book and easy to read. I’ve never read N.T. Wright, but his style and accessibility is easy to feel. The book is not technical, very conversational and honest, and quite informative on the context, modern and ancient, of the newly-found Gospel of Judas. Wright doesn’t go into analysis of the gospel’s individual text, but he nicely expounds upon the cultural milieu in which the gospel emerged, highlighting the Gnostic sect that changed Biblical villains into heroes and vice-versa. He explains how the early church fathers were not out to promote their ecumenical power, since orthodox Christians were the ones being persecuted, not the quite assimilated Gnostics. No power could be grabbed when the subjects of your power are dwindling through martyrdom. Wright also emphasizes how the modern culture is quite willing to uncritically accept these new Gnostic gospels, with its modern beliefs in self-expression and self-discovery. Very enlightening.

Wright is quite fair in his analysis, and he quotes Pagels and other Gnostic-proponents very often. I learned a lot from the book, and I’m glad I got to read it in such a short time.

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