My Commanding Officer

Something I wrote on March 7, 2011, to commemorate an event on July 30, 2010. I wrote a piece of dialogue in a story that oddly made me think of my relationship with God.

Thank You, Lord, that I can feel this way, even for a time!

My Commanding Officer

Part 1:

It was those words I put in his mouth,
That phrase I had him say
That made me see my God again
In a different, whole new way.

“No disrespect, sir.”
I mean no harm.
I only want what’s right.
Lord, I’m beneath Your guiding hand
As I wander in this night.

I cannot feel Your heart in mine,
I’ve no passion for the war,
My heart runs far to other things,
O Lord, just let me love You more.

But then You make me write these words,
And now You’ve made me see,
That my Commanding Officer
Is someone close to me.

Love is not a substance red,
Not just a feeling within,
It’s respect for Who You are, O God,
The way You’ve always been.

It’s giving You that place of Yours,
Above me, before me,
That makes me love You more.

I’m young, O Lord, but now I see
That passion’s not my goal.
I’ve been drafted for a duty plain,
Not elation in my soul.

O Lord, I simply must obey
The orders that You give,
And with my papers from Your hand
I can gladly live.

For it is with a duty done
That I can love You more,
It’s giving You the deep respect
That makes my heart feel sure.

You give the orders, call the plan.
I only need obey.
To rush with love, I’ll simply be
A light amid this gray.

Part 2:

O Lord, You are approachable.
Through Your Son, You’ve made this plain.
He understand the tears I cry,
For in Him was my pain.

Lord, You’re not the stuffy officer
That snubs his nose at men.
No, You’re the great Immanuel
That calls us each His friend.

You walk among us in our hearts,
You tell us, “Follow Me.”
But You have seen the battle plans,
How tough the front lines be.

The enemy is close at hand,
But You, O Lord, are here,
And with us like Your other men,
Your helping hand is near.

Part 3:

The war still here is going strong.
O give me strength to fight!
Lord, I am just a private now,
And often I feel slight.

I find it hard to march in line,
I’m so afraid to fight,
But, Lord, You are my high command
With you, the skies are bright.

I’ll simply place my trust in You,
Salute the northern sky,
Let duty bring my love for You,
And for You I will die.


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