“So What’s the Difference?” by Fritz Ridenour

So What's the Difference?So What’s the Difference? by Fritz Ridenour
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An excellent book on introducing the concept of comparison religions to the layman. It’s main goal is not so much apologetics as it is clarification and definition of each system’s beliefs and history. It is interesting how the author often explains the religion’s beliefs as if he were defending them from generalists. His main goal is to explain how each belief system differs from Biblical Christian belief, and he does well in explaining beforehand what “Biblical Christian beliefs” are.

But this book was really eye-opening for me, a beginner in comparative religions. The blatant intent of some false religions — to god your own world one day (“salvation” in Mormonism), to become God by invoking upon yourself His own phrase “I am that I am” (Shirley MacLaine and New Ageism). It just disgusts me.

And the fact that so many religions are looking for a “Messiah” of some sort — the tenth avatar of Hinduism, the Great Invocation of New Ageism, even a Messiah the orthodox Jews are still looking for, not to mention the countless great prophets that can emerge from Islam and other cults — make the world so ready for the great deceiver the Anti-Christ which the Bible speaks of.

I have to share my fears from reading this book, and I hope you read it, too, to gain some of the realism I have — the neo-paganism of Wiccans is influencing the youth through pop culture vampires and witchcraft, the moral relativism of humanism and religious acceptance is eroding absolutes.

Let me share with you something close to my heart, a quote from reading the section on Postmodernism.
“Postmodernism is THE new danger; through it, students can’t feel the Nazis are wrong, even though they believe in the Holocaust happened! This is disgusting. The devil is eroding the great illustration of moral absoluteness.”

Please read this book to understand the danger our world and the Christian faith is facing in these times of relativism and erosion of all morality and accountability.

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