The World War II Memorial: A Grateful Nation RemembersThe World War II Memorial: A Grateful Nation Remembers by Douglas Brinkley
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What an inspiring book! So many little personal stories sprinkled among the general flow of a historical overview. I loved the balance they struck with it. The scenery of the book itself is beautiful: Large photographs and spacious text are paced with colored blocks of personal stories. The organization was good; I like how they had a writeup on the production aspect of the home front. It was also nice to read of the Pacific theater from the Japanese viewpoint as well. I appreciate the fairness and honesty they had in explaining all aspects of the war: how they honestly realized the mixed morality of war and the horrible brutality it inflicts upon humankind, yet also the rightness of fighting for what is right. And even in the section on women in war, they showed women’s growth from and gratitude to the men alongside them. Different things inspired me from this book, though I suppose it is not the book specifically, as the stories it chose to include, the quotes it shared, and the highlight of life it revealed. To me, it was a subtle splash of many of the lessons I could and have learned from World War II – the pain of separation, the beauty of sacrifice, and the incredible simplicity of the goal of victory for a whole nation.

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